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The products are mainly sold to colleges and universities, scientific research institutes, key laboratories, relevant analysis and testing institutes, diagnosis companies, etc. All products are manufactured in 100,000 clean-rooms dust-free workshop according to strict quality management system. For this reason, Agen biotech products are widely praised in domestic and abroad. Agen biotech always adheres to continuous innovation, continuous improvement and self-improvement to provide our customers with highest quality and more cost-effective products. From product design, mold manufacturing, raw material procurement, production environment control, product manufacturing and processing to the final after-sales service, strict quality management is adopted at every step.
  In terms of software, the team members of company have rich experience in production, sales, mold manufacturing and comprehensive management both in domestic and abroad, we have a number of production and design patents, and company has fully passed ISO13485 quality management system, CE certification and EIA certification. 
 In terms of hardware, our company has a 100,000 clean-room dust-free workshop of nearly 4000 square meters, in a total of 20000 square meters of factory,manufacturing equipment imported from Germany and Taiwan, equipped with mechanical arms and hot runner, and a full range of processing equipment imported from Germany; 
 The workshop adopts centralized feeding system and ensures the temperature and humidity of the production environment,we are the leading manufacturer of laboratory consumables in China.
DWP Yearly
20 %
Quality Related Employee
20 +
Years of Production Experience
100 %
Quality Traceability

Development Path

  • In 2021
    • A new demonstration plant in Hangzhou will be put into operation, and an intelligent information collection system will be launched at the same time to facilitate customer visits and on-site audits.

  • In 2020
    • Zhejiang A-GEN passed ISO 13485 certification. The pipette tip series, large volume centrifuge tube series and PCR series products are gradually introduced to the market.

  • Since the beginning of 2020
    • We have been overcoming difficulties, expanding our factory and increasing production capacity, giving priority to preferential support for Wuhan and the domestic fight against the epidemic. a-GEN consumables corporate standards are formulated and we participate in the corporate standards designation carried out by Huada Bio, contributing to a more standardised life science consumables industry.

  • In 2019
    • Zhejiang A-GEN was established in Kaihua, Quzhou, and put into production in early March of the following year. The total scale is 16,000m2, including 3,000m2 of 100,000-grade clean area.

  • In 2018
    • The factory, Hangzhou Apricot, was awarded the title of national high-tech enterprise. In the same year, A-GEN's overseas sales department was established to gradually promote its products abroad.

  •  In 2015
    • The A-GEN R&D Centre was established to ensure that the company remains at the forefront of new product development in the industry.

  • In 2013
    • The factory Hangzhou Apricot was certified to ISO 13485. 96 round-well plates and reservoirs were launched.

  • In 2012
    • A-GEN centrifuge tubes and silicone sealing sheets were launched.

  • In 2011
    • The factory Hangzhou Apricot was awarded ISO 9000 certificate. In the same year, A-GEN nucleic acid purification column products were well promoted in the market.

  • In 2010
    • A-GEN entered into a joint venture with the American company Apricot Design to establish Hangzhou Apricot Biotech as a production base for high quality laboratory consumables. In the same year, A-GEN launched 96 deep-well plate products.

  • In 2009
    • Hangzhou A-GEN was founded by Mr. Yu Jianming. The team members are all former AXYGEN and CORNING China backbone, A-GEN officially joined the history of consumables localization process.

Honorary Certificate
Chinese for quality certification CE Certification Chinese for quality certification CE Certification

Choose A-gen,Choose Quality

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    Our team is rooted in the needs of end customers, strive to develop new products that improve processes and solve customer pain points, constantly improve them and gradually become high-quality products.​​​​​​​
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    Fully automatic production under clean room conditions according to class 100,000 ,ensure product cleanliness and safety.Manufactured from carefully selected, purest raw materials,quality team inspects products with the most stringent standards,keep customer's research results reliability and consistency.
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    Our sales team serves global customers with the greatest enthusiasm and provides consultation and service with the most professional level.

To be your most trusted supplier of life science consumables, we are on the way.



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