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CEIA2021 Exhibition in Beijing

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CEIA2021 Exhibition in Beijing


The 19th Beijing Conference and Exhibition on Instrumental Analysis(BECIA) came to a successful conclusion on September 29, 2021. BECIA consists of conference and exhibition, which be held every two years. The session has been successfully held eighteen times. which plays an important role in promoting international scientific and technological exchanges and promoting Chinese development in analysis and testing science and instrument manufacturing.

A-gen exhibited lab consumables such as deep well plates, pipette tips, reservoir and reagent bottles at this exhibition.

A-gen's high-quality products at the booth attracted many customers. A-gen's staff communicated with the customers, solved many customers' questions.

This BCEIA2021 has come to an end, thanks for customers' support. A-gen will continue to improve quality and provide professional products and services. I look forward to see you at the next exhibition!


To be your most trusted supplier of life science consumables, we are on the way.



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