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The 10th Anniversary celebration of Apricot

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The 10th Anniversary celebration of Apricot

Apricot Biotechnology Limited(I.E A-gen’s production base in Hangzhou) is celebrating the 10th anniversary. We overcome magnitude of difficulties in the past ten years. Every steps contain the sweat of the Apricot person, engraved the footprints of the Apricot person. Behind the achievements, there are endless responsibilities. The rising past showing the brilliant achievements. In the next ten years, let us work together to create greater glories. 


Granting the awards to outstanding employees in various departments. You have worked hard for the past ten years. Because of everyone's contributions, there is a Apricot Biotechnology now and a better Apricot in future. And please follow them, PK each other and make progress together.


The versatile employees presented the dance "Good Luck" and the song "Thanksgiving with you" for the 10th anniversary celebration.

They are passionate in life, and they are rigorous and meticulous in their work. Because of this, our products can be stable and high-quality, and are recognized by our customers.


Classic competition-insert tips

This is a stunt that is practiced in work, this is a sweat-soaked ability.

Zhejiang A-gen and Hangzhou A-gen are the career of two generations.  The two enterprises will grow stronger with two generations’ wisdom in future.

With laughter and bonus, the 10th anniversary celebration ended successfully.



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