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The new plant in Hangzhou was officially put into operation

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The new plant in Hangzhou was officially put into operation

In May 2021, A-gen new plant in Hangzhou was officially put into production.

As capacity expansion and the introduction of automation equipments, the products range enlarge widely. The new branch strides on the developing rode.
The new factory is located in Tangqi Economic Development Zone (the same park as the old factory). The workshop area is 3,000 square meters. All products are manufactured in the 100,000-class dust-free workshop and manufactured in accordance with the ISO13485 quality management system. The workshop strictly controls the production process, and monitors the temperature, humidity, pressure difference, and particulate etc.  


The capacity expansion can satisfy more customers and speed the delivery time. On the other hand ,A-gen always believes that producing by ourselves can reach better quality. So that we can provide higher-quality and higher-standard products.

So far, A-gen has more than 100 kinds of products that independently developed, produced and sold, including pipette tips, deep well plates, centrifuge tubes,extraction columns, reservoir, reagent bottles,hot sealing film and silicone mat etc. Our products widely used in genomics, proteomics, immunoassay, metabolomics, biopharmaceutical and other commonly used . 

A-gen knows that the improvement of comprehensive strength can guarantee better product quality. A-gen will continuously upgrade, to keep the good reputation at domestic market and abroad.

Hangzhou A-gen Biotechnology Co., Ltd was established in 2009, mainly engaged in life science, bioengineering technology and laboratory plastic consumables and sales of medical device products.

At the beginning of 2020, A-gen's new plant was put into production in Kaihua, Quzhou, and in May 2021, new branch in Hangzhou was officially put into operation.

A-gen strictly controls product quality, continues to expand producing capacity, introduces automation equipments, and continues to upgrade our comprehensive strength!

I hope that my efforts can contribute to the localization of life science consumables. 

To be your most trusted supplier of life science consumables, we are on the way.



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