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Zhejiang province leaders visit to gen new factory in Kaihua

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Zhejiang province leaders visit to gen new factory in Kaihua

On Nov 10th,2021, Mr Chen Jinlong, the Vice-governor and Standing Committee of Zhejiang province,and other leaders visited our new factory in Kaihua District. Deputy Secretary-General(Chou Rixing),Senior Vice-Mayor(Chan Jinbiao),Secretary of the County Committee(Lu Xiaguang),Sub-prefect(Chen Tifa),deputy director general of Qianjiangyuan National Park Service (Wang Changlin) attended the inspection work. A-gen CEO Yu Jianming and General manager Yu Manjiang were responsible for the reception.

Accompanied by A-gen CEO and General manager, Provincial leaders viewed our factory environment and automatic workshop, put forward guidance for factory management, environment and production line.Meanwhile, they provided valuable suggestions for our company future development.

The vice-governor of Zhejiang province,Mr Chan mentioned that, we should aim to satisfy market requirement ,continuously improve our quality, speed up the Iterative upgrade,to enhance A-gen’s market competitiveness. Second, we should insist on innovation and digital reformation, upgrade the industrial chain by high-level innovation.Third, we should establish brand, attach importance to protect property rights,enhance brand value,to ensure the company’s competitive advantage and sustainable development, achieve common prosperity in condition of high quality development.

A-gen Biotechnology Ltd are obliged to Zhejiang province leaders for their recognition and trust . In the coming future, A-gen will still work hard,never slackening our effort,tread a straight path and strives. 

To be your most trusted supplier of life science consumables, we are on the way.



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