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22mL 12 Individual Channel Trough Pipetting Reagent Reservoir High Profile 12x22mL

Model:  RES-22-12MW
Classification:  Laboratory Pipetting Reagent Reservoir
Brand Name:   A-Gen
Place of Origin:   China
Material:   Polypropylene
Color:   Natural Clear
Volume:  22mL / 12-Channel Trough
Capacity:   12x22mL
MOQ Packing:  10 pcs/pack, 50 pcs/case
Keyword:  22mL Pipetting Reagent Reservoir High Profile
Usage:  Laboratory Liquid Storage Handling
Application:  Medical Test Consumables
  • RES-22-12MW

  • A-Gen

  • 392690


Product Description

Features Description
Name 22mL Reagent Reservoir High Profile
Type 12-Channel Trough
Material Polypropylene
Color Natural Clear
Channel number 12-Channel Trough
Profile High Profile
Channel volume 22mL
Total volume 12x22mL
Standard SBS - American National Standards (ANSI) (ANSI/SBS 1-2004)
Sterilization Optional
Lid Optional
Individual warp Optional
Reservoir breaker Optional
Count unit Plate
Quantity 10 plates/pack, 5 packs/carton, 50 pcs/carton

Laboratory 22mL 12-Individual Channel Trough Pipetting Reagent Reservoir Basin 12x22mL

22mL 12-Channel Trough Sterile Disposal Reagent Reservoir High Profile - SBS Standard, 50Pcs Pack

22ml 12-Channel Trough Reagent Reservoir with Caps, V-shape Bottom:
Used for cell culture and immunoassay experiments, for single and multi-channel pipettes;
USP VI PP material, reusable, autoclave at 121℃;
Manufactured with virgin polypropylene for excellent chemical resistance;
Produced and packed in Class 100,000 clean workshop. Clear graduation, DNase/RNase free, Non-pyrogenic;
Special designed lid to prevent contamination, low profile suitable for small volume robotic tips used in high flux instrument;
Matched reservoir breaker (for Flat, 96 and 384) and the cover can avoid the liquid wastage in the process of operation;
Each package has a separate article number/batch number identification, facilitating the quality tracking;


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