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0.2ml PCR tube 8-stripe

The raw material is USP Class VI polypropylene (PP), withstand the chemical corrosion.
  • PCR-0208

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Product Description

products feature

The raw material is USP Class VI polypropylene (PP), withstand the chemical corrosion

The heat can easily be conducted by thin-walled, so that the liquid in the tube reaches the target temperature quickly.

Transparent flat cover, suitable for fluorescence quantitative. real time PCR (qPCR) and qualitative PCR

Precise-size tube cap, easy to close, good sealing, which can effectively prevent sample to evaporate and from contamination

The numbers 1-8 on the tube are clearly marked, which can avoid to add wrong sample and improve the success rate of the experiment

The products are produced and packaged in a 100,000-class dust-free workshop.  DNAse/RNase free and no pyrogen contamination

PCR 8 strip tip
item No.: Volume Description packing
PCR-0208 0.2mL PCR TubeStrips, 8 Tubes/Strip, Clear, Nonsterile 1250 125 strip/bag,10 bags/case


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