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10μL Transparent Disposable Pipette Tips Non-filter

Universal Pipette tips 10μL non-filtered clear transparent PP lab consumables
Suitable , R-style LiteTouch System XLS,Gilson ,Finnpippette brand et..
  • T-10

  • A-GEN

  • 3926909090

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Product Description


products feature

Using medical grade polypropylene, with precision mold, producing in the 100,000-level dust-free workshop.

Resisting high temperature and high pressure(121℃ /15 psi) to sterilize, good compatibility, suitable for a variety of brands and models pipettor

With a smooth inner surface and the precise size, it can  accurately match with single-channel/multi-channel pipettor for pipetting operations

The product is free of DNAse, RNase and pyrogen, ensuring product quality

Each package has an independent article number and batch number, which is convenient for tracking.

Suitable for genomics, proteomics, cytoomics, immunoassay, metabolomics, biopharmaceutical research and development, and other common high-flux pipetting processes

Full series tips to meet different experimental needs: bagged/boxed, with/without filter , sterilized/unsterilized, low adhesive/normal

Full series

pipette tips w/o filter
item No.: Volume Description packing
T-10-B 10μl transparent tips, packed 1000 pcs/pack,20 packs/case
T-10-BL 10μl transparent tips, packed, low-retention 1000 pcs/pack,20 packs/case
T-10-R 10μl transparent tips, Racked 96 pcs/Rack,10 racks/box,5 box/case
T-10-RL 10μl transparent tips, Racked, low-retention 96 pcs/Rack,10 racks/box,5 box/case
T-10-RS 10μl transparent tips, Racked, sterilized 96 pcs/Rack,10 racks/box,5 box/case
T-10-RSL 10μl

transparent tips, Racked, sterilized,


96 pcs/Rack,10 racks/box,5 box/case
T-10-E 10μl transparent tips, Eco space safe package 96 pcs/rack,10 rack/box,10 box/case
T-10-EL 10μl

transparent tips, Eco space safe package,


96 pcs/rack,10 rack/box,10 box/case

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