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8 Channel Troughs Reservoir, Multi Well (22mL)

  • RES-180-8MW

  • A-gen

  • 392690

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Product Description

8 Channel Troughs Reservoir, Multi Well (22mL)

products feature
Using USP Class VI polypropylene (PP) , suitable for storage of organic solutions, acidic and alkaline solutions, etc.
we supply full series Reservoir ,five capacity are available: 15ml, 22ml, 185ml, 190ml and 195ml
The size of the product conforms to the SBS standard, and matched for channel pipettors and automatic instruments.
There are wave boards that matched the flat-bottomed, 96-well and 384-well Reservoir, which can avoid liquid loss during operation.
The low skirt design (31mm) is suitable for using small tips, that are used in automatic machines. Our products matched to small tips of 10, 30, 50, 100, 125ul.
In the automatic pipetting process, the liquid cannot be taken fully due to the surface tension of the liquid in the flat-bottomed tank. The Reservoir can overcome it, so that to reduce liquid residue.
The products are produced and packaged in a 100,000-class dust-free workshop.  DNAse/RNase free and no pyrogen contamination

Full Series Parameter
RES-190-F 50 5 plates/bag,10 bags/case 190mL Flat Reservoir, single Well (190mL)
RES-180-8MW 50 5 plates/bag,10 bags/case 22mL 8 Channel Troughs Reservoir, Multi Well (22mL)
RES-180-12MW 50 5 plates/bag,10 bags/case 15mL 12 Channel Troughs Reservoir, Multi Well (15mL)
RES-195-96SW 50 5 plates/bag,10 bags/case 195mL 96 Channel Troughs Reservoir, Single Well (15mL)
RES-185-384SW 50 5 plates/bag,10 bags/case 185mL 384 Channel Troughs Reservoir, Single Well (15mL)



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