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200uL 96 Square-Well Conical V-bottom Assay Storage Elution Plate

Item Name:  Laboratory Plastic Plate
Classification:  Other, Laboratory Supplies
Customized Support:  OEM, ODM
Brand Name:  A-Gen
Model Number:  P-0.5-SQV-96
Place of Origin:  Zhejiang, China
Capacity:  0.5mL / 200μl
Type:  Square-Well V bottom
Material:  Polypropylene
Color:  Natural Clear
Application:  Nucleic Acid Extraction
Description:  96 DeepWell Plate
MOQ:  100 pcs/carton
Certification:  ISO13485, CE
  • P-0.5-SQV-96

  • A-Gen

  • 392690

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Product Description

Laboratory 200ul 96 Square-Well Conical V-bottom Storage Assay Elution Plate TFS No. 97002540

0.5mL 96 Square-Well Conical V-bottom Assay Storage Plate 10 plates/pack, 10 packs/case, 100 pcs/case

Features Description
Name 96 Square Well Microplate
Type Conical V-Shape
Material Polypropylene
Color Natural Clear
Well number 96 well
Well shape Square
Bottom shape Conical V shape
Well Volume V Shape 500µL
Well Identifier Alphabetical/figure sorting
Standard SBS - American National Standards (ANSI) (ANSI/SBS 1-2004)
Surface Non-Treated
Sterilization Optional
Lid Optional
Individual warp Optional
Count unit Elution Plate
Quantity 10 plates/pack, 10 packs/case, 100 pcs/case

0.5ml 96 Square-Well Microliter Assay Storage Microplate, Conical, V-Bottom, Non-steriling, 100Pcs/Pk

200μl Elution Plate for KF TFS Cat. No. 97002540

USP grade VI Polypropylene material
Conical bottom design to minimize the residual volume, Clear alphanumeric codes for identification

Alphabetical sorting and cut angle mark for convenient tracking of samples;

Proteins and DNA will not adhere to PP, allowing for complete sample recovery.
Natural color makes it easy to locate the notch design. Use: Applicable to the identification system, HTS, master sampling and sample, mechanical sampling and automatically moved fluid system;
Applicable to the biological field, such as PCR, RIA, EIA and cell culture, etc.;
Applicable to most polar organic solvents, acid and alkaline solutions, laboratory liquid storage.


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