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"+" Mat Cross Cut

0.1 ml pcr tube

0.2 ml pcr tube

0.2 MlPCR Eight Header

0.36mL Laboratory Assay Plate 360uL

0.45mL Round Well V Bottom Storage Plate

0.4mL Storage Microplate 400uL

0.5mL Cryovial Tube

0.5mL Laboratory Assay Storage Microplates

1.0 Round Hole V Bottom Plate

1.0mL 96 Deep Well Plate

1.0ml 96 Well Deep Well Plate Dna Rna Extraction

1.0mL Deep Well Plate Mat

1.0mL DeepWell Plate

1.0mL Laboratory Assay Microplates

1.1ml 96 Well Round Deep Well Plates

1.1mL Round Well V Bottom Storage Plate


1.5ml Centrifugal Tube graduated

1.5mL Cryovial Tube

1.5ml Long Arm Centrifugal Tube

1.5ml microcentrifuge tube with E-style Safe-Lock low-retention

1.5ml microcentrifuge tube with Safe-Lock

1.6mL 96 Well Deep Well Plate

100% virgin imported PP

1000ml bottle

1000ml Triangle Shaker Flask



1000μl pippette tips

100uL pcr tube


10ml Deep Well Plate

10ml pipette tip

10ml pippette tips

10ml Short Tip

10ml Short Tip with Wide Mouth

10ml Short Tips

10ml Tip with Wide Mouth

10uL pippette tips

12 Channel Reservoir

12 Channel Trough Reservoir 180mL

12 Channel Trough Reservoir 260mL

12-Channel Bottom Trough Reservoir 290mL


12.5uL pippette tips

1250uL pippette tips

125ml bottle

125ml Triangle Flask

125ml Triangle Shaker Flask

125uL pippette tips

12x22mL Reservoir Basin 22mL

15 Ml Centrifuge Tube

15 mL Centrifuge Tube with grey cap

15 mL Pipetting Reagent Reservoir 180mL

1500μL Universal Pipette Tips

15ml bottle

15mL Single Well Channel Trough

15ml Vertical Centrifuge Tube

180mL Reservoir Basin 15mL

185 mL Reservoir

195 mL Pipetting Reagent Reservoir

1L bottle

1L Triangle Flask

2.0 Deep Well Plate Mat

2.0mL Cryovial Tube

2.0mL DeepWell Storage Plate

2.0mL DeepWell Storage Reaction Plate

2.0ml Long Arm Centrifugal Tube

2.0ml microcentrifuge tube with E-style Safe-Lock

2.0ml microcentrifuge tube with Safe-Lock low-retention

2.0mL Reaction Storage Plate

2.2ml Deep Well Plate

2.2mL Extraction Plate Tip Comb

2.2mL Nucleic Acid Extraction Plate

2000ml Triangle Shaker Flask

200uL Elution Plate Assay Storage

200uL pcr tube

200uL pippette tips


22mL Pipetting Reagent Reservoir 260mL

22mL Reservoir

22mL Single Well Channel Trough

24 Magnet Tip combs

24 well

24 Well Mat

24-Strips Comb


25 Ml Centrifuge Tube

250ml bottle

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