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Tecan LiHa 20μL Conductive PP Pipette Tip (Racked,sterilized) for Liquid Transfer No Filter TT-20C-RSL Low Residual

manufactured by precision mould.
Matched with Tecan LiHa equipment
MOQ: 1Carton
  • TT-20C-RSL

  • A-GEN

  • 392690

low retention:
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Product Description

Full Series

Tecan tip,Conductive,in rack 20μL TT-20C-R
Tecan tip,Conductive,in rack,low retention 20μL TT-20C-RL
Tecan tip,Conductive,in rack,sterilized 20μL TT-20C-RS
Tecan tip,Conductive,in rack,sterilized,low retention 20μL TT-20C-RSL
Tecan tip,Conductive,in rack,sterilized,with filter 20μL TTF-20C-RS
Tecan tip,Conductive,in rack,sterilized,with filter,low retention 20μL TTF-20C-RSL

MOQ: 1Carton


Using medical grade polypropylene, with precision mold, producing in the 100,000-level dust-free workshop.
The product is free of DNAse, RNase and pyrogen, ensuring product quality
With a smooth inner surface and low-retention material to reduce the residual
The filter can shield aerosol and eliminate the risk to contaminate the reagent.
With/without filter , sterilized/unsterilized, low retention/normal is up to you.
Full series tips to match different pipetting workstation,this one is suitable for Tecan
Suitable for genomics, proteomics, cytoomics, immunoassay, metabolomics, biopharmaceutical research and development, and other common high-flux pipetting processes




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